Beaches in Pelion

Beaches in Pelion

The beaches in Pelion are numerous, many have been awarded with the title of “Blue Flag”. The water is crystal clear and refreshing! But the most important is that they are quiet and family friendly! The beaches in west coast are easier and not sharp, suitable for children,the sea is mostly calm in this coast. The south coast that is washed by Aegean sea has more wild beaches. The beaches in Pelion are really enjoyable. Here you can find some of the best beaches in Greece.

Beautiful Pelion beaches are everywhere on the peninsula, no matter where you are. You can spend whole day trips there swimming, climbing, jogging, picnicking and lazing in the sun. The soft sandy beach offers ideal conditions for building sandcastles. And let’s not forget the gorgeous sunsets, which are not only a joy for romantic walks, but also make for lasting memories as the ideal photo backdrop. Sometimes there is live music on the beaches. And very rarely, you can even watch an atmospheric wedding ceremony on the beach here. In any case, the long coastline of the Pelion offers a varied landscape and many opportunities to enjoy relaxing holidays.

Most of the sandy beaches in Pelion are very wide, but always particularly clean. Not for nothing do many beaches display the Blue Flag, which guarantees safe and clean bathing water. Especially as you will find many Pilion beaches on the west coast, which is rather quiet and sheltered. If you want to find a crystal clear, turquoise blue and calm sea, then this side of the peninsula is the right place. The east is also famous for its dreamy beaches. White sand, delightful bays and some family bathing facilities you will find here.

We have selected some beaches and bays in Pelion and we made this beautiful video for you!

Pelion Beaches

The Pelion peninsula has not only breathtaking mountain ranges to offer, but also gorgeous Pelion beaches. Almost everywhere on the entire peninsula you will find beautiful beaches. These are of course connected with many possibilities and activities. However, most holidaymakers use them to relax, sunbathe or swim. Because the water is also crystal clear and very pleasant in most places. This makes day trips perfect for exploring and experiencing the beautiful Pelion beaches. The Pelion beaches are also very suitable for sports, such as jogging or climbing, and for picnics. Therefore, many holidaymakers and visitors enjoy using the beaches. Nevertheless, the Pelion beaches are rarely really crowded, as you might be used to in other holiday regions. This is very pleasant, as you can simply enjoy the wonderful beaches.

The Pilion beaches are usually very wide and also very clean, which is also symbolised by the blue flag for the water. On the west coast of Pelion there are more sheltered and quiet beaches with an equally calm sea and turquoise blue and crystal clear water. The east coast, on the other hand, has gorgeous sandy beaches with great coves and white sand that are great for families.

Sunsets on the Pelion beaches

We can also more than recommend the beautiful sunsets on the Pelion beaches. They are ideal for romantic walks and picnics. But the sunsets on the Pelion beaches are also frequently used for photos and unforgettable shots. In addition, live music is played on some beaches and atmospheric evenings are offered. So there is definitely something for everyone on the Pelion beaches. For these versatile reasons and possibilities, everyone should take the opportunity to get to know and love the dreamlike Pelion beaches.


East coast of Pelion:

Plaka Beach:



Plaka beach is one of the most famous beaches of Pelion, attracting thousands of visitors. It is located between Agioi Saranda and Ai Giannis beaches, making it easy to access. Its main characteristics are the deep blue waters that make Plaka an ideal place for relaxation, combined with the lush vegetation and the colorful pebbles. However, special care is needed for our little friends because the water deepens suddenly, and accidents might occur.

Kalamaki Beach:

Located on the east coast of Pelion, Kalamaki beach lies below the village of Kalamaki. Deep blue waters with small and large pebbles and rocks make this beach suitable for diving and other activities. However, Kalamaki is a particularly isolated beach with no public facilities. Therefore, all your diving gear and food supply should be brought with you beforehand.



Near the picturesque village of Tsagarada lies the famous beach of Mylopotamos. It is a beautiful beach that will impress you with its turquoise waters, sand, white pebbles, and the view it offers you every time you see it. A charming rock stands upright at its center, making the setting even more idyllic, thus creating the ultimate serenity.



Fakistra deservingly ranks among the most beautiful beaches of Pelion and the whole of Greece. If you find yourself in this region for your summer holidays, don't miss the opportunity to swim in its emerald waters. In fact, it is a small bay with a wild beauty that amazes those who see it. It is sandy with fine pebbles and surrounded by high cliffs.



As Damouchari comes into view, it dazzles with its wild and almost heavenly beauty. It is located in eastern Pelion and can only be reached through the village of Tsagarada. Scenes from the movie "Mamma Mia" were filmed on this captivating beach that will enchant you with its white pebbles and impressive crystal clear waters.

Agios Ioannis:

The beach of Agios Ioannis lies on the eastern side of Pelion with its golden sand and its enchanting waters. Ideal for families, as it is fully equipped, but also for water sports enthusiasts. Its aura will seduce you, offering unique moments of relaxation and calm with a view of the verdant green mountains of Pelion.


Papa Nero:


Here is a beach that could not be missing from our list: a vast sandy one with a blue flag where nature features a magical landscape, creating a summer dream background. Papa Nero Beach is nothing less than perfect for those who love camping, generously offering the most carefree holidays, surrounded by a lush landscape, and ideal for daily diving in its deep blue waters.


Chorefto is a beach that will make your heart flutter. It is sandy and stands out for its turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. Fully equipped, it covers a vast area where you can relax. The scenery enchants you and makes you forget whatever is on your mind. You can easily get to it by your means of transport passing by Zagora.

Agioi Saranta:


The beach of Agioi Saranda is truly a blue gem that you can stand and gaze at with awe. A sandy beach with imposing cliffs creates a scene out of a fairy tale. It is named after the little chapel of the same name in this very same area. Complete your moments of relaxation with flavors from the local taverns that will delight you.

Southeast coast of Pelion:

Melani Beach:

Melani beach is a secluded beach in the east of Pelion, but particularly ideal for recreation. Golden sand with small and large stones in and out of the sea combined with the deep blue color of the water attract hundreds of diving enthusiasts every year. However, due to the strong presence of rocks, you should be especially careful to avoid any accidents. Comfortable shoes and a protective dive suit will help you enjoy your hobby. Although the water is not as deep as at Plaka and Kalamaki beaches, it is advisable not to be accompanied by children. Every summer you will find a fish tavern open nearby, where you can enjoy fresh fish and this magnificent view.


Paltsi Beach: 


Paltsi beach or Agios Konstantinos is a charming remote beach in southeast Pelion. Tall pink-reddish rocks with coarse sand, pebbles, and deep waters make the landscape unique. Despite the taverna nearby, there are no loungers, parasols, or other facilities, so it is advisable to be fully organized before getting to it. While there are several ways to get to this beach, the safest of them all is via Argalasti, a safe itinerary with a beautiful view.


Potistika Beach:


Potistika, one of the most beautiful beaches of all Thessaly, is an impressive beach with wild nature. It is located 50 kilometers from Volos and three kilometers from the nearest settlement. You can reach it via Argalasti, a safe road with an impressive itinerary, including a well-organized parking lot, to park your vehicle safely. Golden sand with beige pebbles and high cliffs with intense vegetation and clear shallow waters make Potistika an attraction for both young and old. On the shore, you will find a tavern with fresh meals and a lifeguard tower, which is there for your safety. For nudism and naturism enthusiasts  alike, behind the rock, there is a suitable place for you, where you can freely enjoy your swim.

West coast of Pelion:

Kala Nera Beach:


Kala Nera is a long beach of more than 500 meters just a few kilometers from Volos. The main characteristics of this beach are thick sand with small pebbles and tall trees, suitable for intense sunshade. However, unlike the other beaches we just mentioned, Kala Nera consists mainly of beach bars with lots of loungers for rent as well as restaurants and cafes for further relaxation after your swim. Just 12 kilometers from the beach, you will find the picturesque villages of Vizitsa, Milies, and Pinakates, where you can enjoy a carefree stroll and mouth-watering meals.

Afissos Beach:

Afissos beach is a beautiful beach suitable both for parents and children due to the lack of strong winds. During the summer, there are local beach bars where loungers and parasols are provided for you to enjoy your swim with total ease. However, suppose you prefer complete peacefulness; you will then find many remote beaches with crystal clear waters and heavenly scenery alongside Afissos on the way to Lefokastro. No facilities whatsoever, no noise and no loud music.

Razi Beach:


Razi beach is a quiet beach without facilities, where you can enjoy calm combined with the beautiful nature that surrounds it. Fine sand, coarse pebbles, and numerous trees for relaxation under the shade during the hot summer months make Razi a unique destination. Just a stone's throw from it, you will find the cave of Agia Efthymia, a beautiful natural landscape, which you should not miss. However, make sure you are fully stocked up on food, water, and any other supplies you might need before arriving because there is no shop around.

Agia Efthymia Beach:


Agia Efthymia beach is a secluded beach of Pelion, without recreational activities and food supply facilities. Fine sand and large trees for shade offer you a quiet swim, away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. However, before getting to this beach, be fully stocked with food and water for your greater safety.

Paou Beach:


Paou beach is a remote beach, not visible from the main road. You will get to it from the road of Argalasti, always by car, for your safety and because of the long distances from the nearby villages. Although there are no facilities on this beach, you will find plenty of traditional tavernas with delicious meals and local shopping centers to buy souvenirs and gifts for you and your loved ones in the nearby villages of Argalasti, Milina, and Chorto.





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